Our mission is to enhance the overall digital experience for our growing family of networks that reaches viewers around the world on nearly every continent with a broad range of engaging, inspirational, and impactful programming that will transform lives and inspire the world to pursue passion with faith. Through LIVE broadcasting and unconventional marketing platforms, we are also committed to promoting businesses and brands that help our communities achieve success and prosperity through the principle of doing well by doing good.


Our vision is to provide premium content and real life stories that appeal to a broad audience. In addition to the development and production of global programming for broadcast, cable, internet, and syndication, WBGR aims to provide high quality experiences and deliver digital content for video on demand, on web and mobile platforms, that offers access to a wide variety of sports, entertainment, health, news, and inspirational programming at any hour of the day. It is our desire to provide the most relatable and relevant content that ultimately leads to improved lives and increased awareness of the issues that impact us all.